At 3 years old I decided I wanted to be a Racecar Driver. Now, at 27 I have seventeen years of experience doing what I love. For many the dream of having a career in Motorsports or Professional Sports at all, is just that, a dream.

For me, it’s my life.

     I wasn’t given a perfect start to things; born 3 ½ months early with a 1% chance of survival, the odds were stacked against me. The 9 hour surgery that saved my life also left me disabled with question of if I’d ever be able to walk. Being in and out of hospitals and wheelchairs at a young age you’d think I’d get the point that I wasn’t going to be a “normal kid”. The good thing is I’ve never wanted to be “normal”. I want to stand out and be the best.

“Normal” isn’t remembered, I am.

     I made my very first pass down the drag strip when I was 9 behind the wheel of a Junior Dragster. During my Junior Drag Racing career I went on to win multiple events, make several semi final and final round appearances, and finished twice in the top 5 for the points season.  In 2001 my first break from Drag Racing occurred when I back in the hospital and in a wheelchair (my least favorite set of wheels) for the following season.

My first race back with my leg in a cast, I won.

     In 2003 I was the first female to run a Perfect Package (I got a perfect start, .000 reaction time, and ran my estimated 1/8 mile time (dial-in) down to the thousandth of a second, 9.010 on a 9.01 dial).  By the end of the year I was talking to large corporations and backed by Mac Tools, K&N Filters, and Lucas Oil.     As a part of my sponsorship agreements and for the enjoyment, I made appearances at requested events, participated in marketing features, and supported organizations like the Boys & Girls Club of Kirkland, Children’s Hospital, and the Special Olympics.

     In 2005, I was honored to be a finalist and ultimately the grand prize winner of Microsoft’s Start Something Amazing Awards. After talking with Bill Gates about my experience and passion for Drag Racing, I earned a sponsorship from Windows Vista.     At the age of 15, this meant the end of my Junior Drag Racing career and stepping up into a new and faster car.

     In 2007 I made my debut in a Top Comp Dragster.  Excited, we took our team to new tracks, made new connections, and ran at National Events.  In 2011 a critical engine failure put me out for the season and financial cutbacks dwindled my chances of getting back on the track. Instead of thinking about my life behind the wheel I was on the outside trying to figure out how to get back to the place I belong.

     After earning my Bachelor’s Degree by the age of 20, I started working to come up with the money to rebuild my engine and get back on track. After a lot of hard work, money changing hands, and great people, my motor has been completely rebuilt and has approximately

1,500 horsepower with the ability to exceed 200 miles per hour in less than 7 seconds.

     I still have a ways to go before I’m back racing every weekend and I’ve got a plan to make it happen. My next goal is to obtain sponsorship and the financial means to get more seat time in my car.  We will  be running a limited season in 2018 to push forward on the road to success. My longer term goal would then be to get my NHRA Top Alcohol License and compete in the Division 6 series for a full season.